CEDAR FITNESS, Fitness You Can Feel Comfortable With.

Ever wanted to go to the gym, but you where alone, and did not have the confidence. Ever wanted to join an aerobics class but where to anxious to get in the door to try one.

Need a walking buddy or fitness companion one or two days a week? It is all about you and your fitness and personality needs to get you out of the house and become a little more active while sharing time with someone who cares.

Are you wanting to join a local rec centre class but are afraid to commit, we can make the transition easy, even to get you registered, and join you on your journey, and start you on your way to connect with others in your class.

Cedar Fitness can offer you a personal training companion to help you to connect with the fitness world and help you to make connections while enjoying the benefits of exercise.

COMPANION FITNESS SERVICE                       

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Telephone:  289-439-8057